9th Meeting of the Munich Aerospace Board of Trustees

20191118 Kuratorium 1
Chairman of the Board of Trustees Hans Steininger moderates the 9th meeting of the Munich Aerospace Board of Trustees

18 November 2019 - At the 9th meeting of the Munich Aerospace Board of Trustees, members of the scientific community and government and industry representatives discussed Germany’s role in the US Lunar Landing Program.

Board of Trustees Chairman Hans Steininger led the 70 invited guests through the evening’s proceedings held on Ludwig Bölkow Campus south of Munich. Steininger spoke about the opportunities that lie in partnerships between private enterprise and universities, such as heightened corporate competitiveness through access to the knowledge base of public research institutes. 

Prof. Mirko Hornung, Prof. Klaus Drechsler, Dr. Thomas Gruber, Dr. Thomas Reiter, Dr. Fritz Merkle, Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund, Prof. Merith Niehuss, Prof. Hans Kappler, Prof. Günter Hein

The meeting theme was “The First Fifty Years Ago, The Next in Five Years: The Role of Europe and Germany in the US Lunar Landing Program”, a podium discussion by the high-calibre panel members

- Professor Pascale Ehrenfreund, Chair of the DLR Executive Board
- MinDir Dr. Thomas Gruber, Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery for Europe and International Relations
- Dr. Fritz Merkle, former management board member of OHB System AG
- Professor Merith Niehuss, President of the Bundeswehr University Munich
- Dr. Thomas Reiter, former astronaut and ESA Interagency Coordinator

The discussion panel members applauded the expansion of German space activities and believe that lunar missions will yield a trove of insights, including into the earth’s own history.

20191118 Kuratorium 3

In addition, departing graduates of the Munich Aerospace doctoral scholarship programme were recognised. Abolfazl Lavaei completed his scholarship with a dissertation on Autonomous Flying – a key focus area. Alumni Ksenia Klionovska and Paul Lungu completed their PhD studies with a project on the key topic of “Safety in Orbit”.

20191118 Kuratorium 4

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