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Student Initiative to Present eVTOL UAV Prototype on YouTube

28 May 2020 – On June 8, TUM's student initiative HORYZN is to present their third prototype 'Silencio Gamma' online on YouTube. The 29 Bachelor, Master and PhD students conceptionalized, designed and built an electric unmanned aerial vehicel (UAV).

The student initiative HORYZN - an organisation consisting of 29 Bachelor, Master and PhD students of the TU Munich - finished another prototype within their 'Silencio' series. The series focuses on electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The third prototype, 'Silencio Gamma', will compete in the 'New Flying Competition' in September 2020 in Hamburg. To achieve excellent results, renowned establishments such as the UnternehmerTUM, the Institutes of Aircraft Design, Flight System Dynamics and Carbon Composites of TUM and Bauhaus Luftfahrt have been gained as supporters.



  • Presentation of the HORYZN configuration
  • Design methods used in the aircraft design process
  • Technical solutions
  • Insights prototype building and testing
  • Potential use cases

    Event Information

    Date: 8 June 2020, 4pm

    YouTube Livestream:

    Horyzn's Website:


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