Munich Aerospace launches first space report from „Space Valley“

Munich Aerospace  launches space report from „Space Valley“

30 April 2020 - The Munich Aerospace research network publishes its first scientific space report. Entitled “New Horizons in Space Technology”, this English-language publication documents the state of space research, looking at promising new technologies and potential applications. Articles by such prominent individuals as former astronaut Thomas Reiter inform readers comprehensively on topics ranging from manned spaceflight to New Space and cybersecurity.

Twelve articles by 21 authors from the Technical University of Munich, the German Aerospace Center, the Bundeswehr University Munich, the European Space Agency and the Max Planck Institute portray the European space industry on the cusp of commercialisation. On more than 150 pages the contributors discuss the status quo and outlook in respect to the urgent issues confronting the industry, such as Europe’s role in the race to Mars, regional space strategies, artificial intelligence in satellite communications and the commercial market for small launchers.

“Every innovation starts with research”, says Munich Aerospace Executive Board member Günter Hein. “The New Horizons series captures the diversity of space research in the region and communicates this to a wide public audience for the first time. This project is essential for strengthening co-operation and promoting new technologies in Bavaria, Europe and throughout the world.” In the current Covid-19 pandemic the benefits of satellite research have become obvious to many. “Thanks to the pioneering work, remote working, eLearning and video calling have all become possible.”

The “Munich Aerospace Report” is the new voice of Bavaria’s aerospace research, pooling scientific reports from Munich’s metropolitan region’s “Space Valley” in its inaugurative issue.


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