Munich Aerospace awards 16 PhD scholarships

Offene Professur im Munich Aerospace-Netzwerk

17 February 2021 – Munich Aerospace awards doctoral scholarships in the field of aerospace research to support young scientists. The scholarships are aimed at qualified university graduates who have completed their studies in a field relevant to aerospace and are now aspiring for a doctorate at the Technical University of Munich or the Bundeswehr University Munich.

Further information on the PhD topics can be found in the PDF files below:

General information on PhD scholarship conditions can be found here. Abstracts of the newly acknowledged Munich Aerospace research groups can be found here.


Scholarship applications expired:

  • - Agri-food Supply Monitoring from Earth Observation Data (Industry cooperation with IABG, Lead: Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu)
  • - Adaptive Few-shot Change Detection for Earth Observation (Industry cooperation with IABG, Lead: Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu)
  • - Analysis and Development of AI-based Concepts for Ground Based Collision Avoidance in Single- and Multi-Satellite-Systems (Lead: Prof. Roger Förstner)
  • - Intelligent fault-tolerant flight guidance (Lead: Dr. Gertjan Looye)
  • - Development of AI-based on-board guidance & navigation procedures for the safe and optimal execution of avoidance manoeuvres in the context of autonomous collision avoidance in multi-spacecraft systems (Lead: Prof. Roger Förstner)
  • - Lightweight Code-based Quantum-Resistant Cryptography. The activity aims at developing lightweight quantum-secure crytosystems for hardware-constrained satellite loT terminals (Lead: Prof. Gerhard Kramer)
  • - Certifiable Control Allocation for eVTOL (Lead: Dr. Gertjan Looye)
  • - Hybrid lightweight structures by using of additive manufacturing (Lead: Prof. Eric Jägle)
  • - Hybrid lightweight structures by additive manufacturing (Lead: Prof. Eric Jägle)
  • - Experimental Analysis of Drop-In Biofuels as an Alternative Fuel for Small Aero Engines (Lead: Dr. Christian Helcig)
  • - Performance and Emissions of Helicopter Engines using Drop-In Biofuels (Lead: Dr. Christian Helcig)
  • - Efficient structure exploitation on GPUs for discretized optimal control problems (Lead: Prof. Matthias Gerdts)
  • - Robust Model Predictive Control under Uncertainties (Lead: Prof. Matthias Gerdts)

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