Second final report of the Munich Aerospace Research Groups published

Offene Professur im Munich Aerospace-Netzwerk

18 November 2021 – More scientific output, a higher application orientation and more intensive research cooperation: Munich Aerospace's final report takes positive stock of the research projects funded by Munich Aerospace between 2016 and 2020. In addition to evaluations of the research and scholarship programme, the report includes key scientific findings from eight research groups. 

Always at the end of a funding period, the research groups of Munich Aerospace present their results from almost four years of research cooperation between our four members: the Technical University of Munich, the German Aerospace Center in Oberpfaffenhofen, the Bundeswehr University Munich and Bauhaus Luftfahrt. The current issue contains reports from eight research groups from the six Munich Aerospace future fields Aerospace Communications and Navigation, Autonomous Flight, Aviation Management, Earth Observation, Safety in Orbit and Urban Air Mobility:

  • Research group „Efficient Coding and Waveforms for Satellite Links with Severe Delay Constraints“ (Lead: Prof. Gerhard Kramer)
  • Research group „On-Board Digital Predistortion for Next-Generation High Throughput Satellites“ (Lead: Prof. Andreas Knopp)
  • Research group „Certifiable Autonomy in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (Lead: Prof. Gunther Reißig)
  • Research group „Re-entry Optimization to Minimize Heating“ (Lead: Prof. Christian Mundt)
  • Research group „Data-driven Aviation Management“ (Lead: Prof. Maximilian Moll)
  • Research group „Fusion of Remote Sensing and of Remote Sensing and Social Media Data“ (Lead: Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu)
  • Research group „Propulsion Technologies for Green in-orbit Spacecraft“ (Lead: Prof. Oskar Haidn)
  • Research group „Modeling, Simulation, Optimization, and Concepts of Urban Air Mobility Transport Systems“ (Lead: Dr. Kay Plötner)


The final report 2016-2020 can be requested free of charge at presse [at] 

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