2 October 2013 - We are very happy to announce that one of our Research Group leaders, Dr.-Ing. Xiaoxiang Zhu, won in the competition for the development of a Helmholtz Young Scientist University Group. With that she was able to secure 1.25 m € of funding. The funding comes to 50% of DLR and HGF and are available to Ms. Zhu for a time span of 5 years for her research group.

The group will be researching the topic of “SiPEO – Modern Signal Processing Methods for the Next Generation of Earth Observation Satellite Missions”. Miss Zhu is probably the youngest Young Scientist University Group leaders. She graduated ESPACE and finished two years ago with record speed her promotion. She will most likely also finish her habilitation this year. She is additionally for many years lecturing in ESPACE, Geodesy and Geoinformation and Transportation Systems and is currently advising 4 doctoral candidates. We congratulate Miss Zhu to her outstanding achievements!