• In 2013 an array of structured and subject-specific courses has been introduced, geared to the specific needs of PhD student members of the Munich Aerospace Research Groups. The Munich Aerospace Graduate School comprises one Basic and one Supplementary Programme.


    The Basic Programme is composed of the graduate programmes offered by Technical University of Munich and German Aerospace Center, i.e. the TUM Graduate School and the DLR_Graduate_Program. The decision which of the two programmes to complete lies with the Munich Aerospace scholarship recipient. However, usually scholarship recipients choose the programme of the institution most closely related to the primary focus of their research activities.



    The Munich Aerospace Graduate School is particularly characterised by its Supplementary Programme. It comprises an annual retreat event and partner events offered twice a year.

    The retreats are multi-day seclusive events where leading scientists from the Munich Aerospace research network, external national and international lecturers and the participating PhD students present on their research results.

  • The events hosted at the four Munich Aerospace partner locations of Technical University of Munich, German Aerospace Center, Bundeswehr University Munich and Bauhaus Luftfahrt are referred to as partner events and are aimed at connecting all partners in a network, providing an opportunity to get to know the partners' facilities.


    Students wishing to participate in the Supplementary Programme must enrol at the Munich Aerospace Administrative Office. PhD students at other co-operating chairs and institutes with connections to a Munich Aerospace key topic may participate in these events upon request.

    The graduation certificate from the Munich Aerospace Graduate School will only be issued on presentation of proof of graduation from the TUM Graduate School or the DLR_Graduate_Program as well as proof of attendance at two retreat events and at least one partner event of each of the member institutions. The doctoral degree is granted regardless of the above.

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