Accredited Research Groups are key to a coordinated consolidation of research and development results from and strong links between the four member institutions Technical University of Munich, Bundeswehr University Munich, German Aerospace Center e.V. and Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V. Scientists of all four member institutions maintain close contact, exchanging their ideas, know-how and information pertaining to their research work, for instance at the institution’s Graduate School.

Munich Aerospace currently sponsors seven Research Groups with a minimum of two stakeholders each participating. The Research Groups are assigned to the respective Munich Aerospace key topics, pooling regional strengths in important future fields of interest.

These Accredited Research Groups are headed by professors or qualified scientific staff from the Munich Aerospace member institutions. They may apply for funding from the Association’s scholarship pool or are granted third-party funds provided for instance through corporate co-operations. Munich Aerospace usually sponsors research work for a duration of three to four years.

Munich Aerospace's scientific activities are conducted on the following Technology Readiness Levels:


Technology Readiness Levels

  • 9

    9Actual system „flight proven“ through successful mission operations

  • 8

    8Actual system completed and „flight qualified" through test and demonstration (Ground or Flight)

  • 7

    7System Prototype demonstration in a space environment

  • 6

    6System / Subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment (Ground or Space)

  • 5

    5Component and / or breadboard validation in relevant environment

  • 4

    4Component and / or breadboard validation in laboratory environment

  • 3

    3Analytical and experimental critical function and / or characteristic proof of concept

  • 2

    2Technology concept and / or application formulated

  • 1

    1Basic principles observed end reported

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