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Munich Aerospace PhD scholarships allow talented young scientists to focus exclusively on the research work at hand and a timely doctoral degree. The respective research topics are proposed and publicly advertised by the Munich Aerospace Research Groups. Being part of an Accredited Research Group and attending the Association’s Graduate School allows scholarship recipients to expand their subject-specific and interdisciplinary network.

  • "Munich Aerospace gives me the great opportunity to stay focused on my research topic at the German Aerospace Center. Furthermore, the chance to get in touch with other doctoral candidates and senior researchers from different disciplines is intriguing." Matthias Häberle, M.Sc.

  • "The Munich Aerospace scholarship programme offers a path to PhD which allows you to focus on your research and academic and professional development. The Munich Aerospace Graduate School and research group structures immerse you in an interdisciplinary and international network, allowing you to broaden your connections in both research and industry.” Caroline Elizabeth Buckner, M.Sc.

  • “Munich Aerospace provides a great academic environment thanks to a network of excellent scholars. Being in touch with such researchers further stimulates the PhD fellows to push their limits. The bureaucratic work for the researchers is minimised thanks to contact persons at Munich Aerospace, which allows the scholarship recipients to focus only on research.” Mustafa Cemil Coşkun, M.Sc.

  • „The Munich Aerospace network offers insights into various research areas and provides a great opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange between different fields. It encourages to develop and contribute new ideas.“ Tugba Akman, M.Sc.

  • "The Munich Aerospace scholarship programme offers a great deal of events, including day events at the partner institutions which can vastly broaden one's knowledge in all the areas connected to aerospace research. Additionally, the programme structure allows for the student to fully focus on research, thereby paving the road to success." Delcho Donev, M.Sc.

  • "Without a doubt, Munich Aerospace offers an exceptional chance to scholars aspiring to conduct cutting-edge ‎research. Being an internationally acclaimed research centre, it selects and supports top-flight researchers. I deeply appreciate Munich Aerospace for giving me this great opportunity." Abolfazl Lavaei, M.Sc.

  • "The Munich Aerospace PhD scholarship programme offers wide possibilities of interdisciplinary research and collaboration. Various retreat events and summer schools create constant flow of new ideas within the student community and give participants the chance to analyse their tasks from unexpected perspectives. The programme is carefully structured allowing students to fully concentrate on their research, making it a scientific adventure rather than work." Elisei Macoveiciuc, M.Sc.

  • Teschner

    "The Munich Aerospace scholarship programme is a chance to participate in a big network of researchers in different areas. It allows for the exchange of knowledge and experiences at different events organised by Munich Aerospace. Above all, the programme gives me the freedom to fully focus on my research aim." Fabian Teschner, M.Sc.

  • Lampmann_kl

    "Being a Munich Aerospace scholarship holder allows me to focus on my research subject without putting too much effort into organisational and non-topic related tasks. Furthermore, I can expand my scientific profile in the numerous and versatile events provided by the graduate programme and the partner institutions." Arne Lampmann, M.Sc.

  • “Munich Aerospace opened my eyes to new research areas and has paved the way for my career.” Dr.-Ing. Mohammadreza Babaee (Alumnus)

  • Traxinger 80

    "The Munich Aerospace scholarship is a great opportunity. It gives me the chance to grow as a researcher by attending conferences and summer schools worldwide, and to totally focus on my doctorate. Besides that, Munich Aerospace organises events where I can get in touch with PhD students from other disciplines." Christoph Traxinger, M.Sc.

  • "The scholarship from Munich Aerospace is a great opportunity for me to promote research in the field of unexplored space at the German Aerospace Center. The collaboration between the Munich Aerospace partners gives me access to several research facilities. This helps me collect valuable knowledge and experience for my future career." Ksenia Klionovska, M.Sc. (Alumna)

  • "During the last months, the Munich Aerospace scholarship has allowed me to concentrate on my research and to grow my network while attending international conferences. The team spirit of the research group means that we can rely on each other, tackle new challenges together and publish our findings." Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schmidt (Alumnus)

  • „Munich Aerospace gave me the opportunity to focus on my research and helped me build up a broad academic and industrial network. The graduate program was an excellent complement for my personal development and led to a very successful cooperation with the DLR in Braunschweig.“ Dipl.-Ing. Jens Trümner (Alumnus)

  • “The network provided by Munich Aerospace makes it possible for scholarship recipients to be in touch not only with each other but also with cooperating research institutes. Moreover, due to an extra funding for our research, I am confident about my publications and attending scientific conferences.” Dr. rer. nat. Reza Bahmanyar (Alumnus)

  • "The Munich Aerospace Scholarship is an opportunity to focus on your research and to broaden your network among students and institutions. Also, the possibility of attending the Graduate School allows you to enhance your soft skills. All in all, Munich Aerospace is the best option for obtaining a PhD degree to boost your professional career.” Harvey Gomez, M.Sc. (Alumnus)

  • “Pursuing my PhD in Germany is teaching me a lot of things, especially doing it at an international and inter-institutional organisation like Munich Aerospace. For example, I have the opportunity to learn about cultural differences and diverse working styles. I admire the strict time management in Germany, which I feel is very important as a researcher. Also, the structure of the graduate programme designed by Munich Aerospace and DLR provides the polishing of skills required during and after PhD tenure, which is a bonus!“ Srinivas Setty, M.Sc. (Alumnus)

  • “Munich has great academic surroundings – for example the equipment of the institutes and the resources of the library network I personally find very helpful. Apart from rather high housing prices, the city is the perfect place to study! What is especially interesting for me is the cultural mix within Munich Aerospace. I get to know brilliant scientists from all over the world, which helps me build up my own network.” Oluwaferanmi Oguntona, M.Sc. (Alumnus)

  • “The Munich Aerospace Retreat Events are great opportunities to get in touch with other scholarship holders – exchanging ideas and experiences, discussing each other’s problems, helping each other, and also establishing a base for working together. We definitely benefit immensely from those events.” Konstantin Palagachev, M.Sc. (Alumnus)

  • „Munich Aerospace has provided me with a unique opportunity to work in an excellent scientific domain. A great collaboration between universities and other research institutions is established by the Munich Aerospace Graduate School, focused on exchange between scholarship recipients and other professionals. This allowed me to extend my knowledge and find new perspectives.“ M. Sc. Paul Lungu (Alumnus)

  • „The Munich Aerospace scholarship programme provides PhD students with the opportunity to attend international conferences and organizes numerous events and retreats for the Munich Aerospace network, which encourages interdisciplinary research and exchange of ideas. I appreciate the freedom it allows to fully concentrate my efforts on my research topic.“ M. Sc. Blanca Pablos Martín

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