The Global Aerospace Campus launched by Munich Aerospace in 2016 is an international concept focusing on continuing education, networking and research, and linking in particular Bavarian aerospace research with its partner regions Georgia (USA), Québec (Canada), São Paulo (Brazil), Western Cape (South Africa), Shandong (China) and Upper Austria.

The Campus concept rests on three pillars:

  • Continuing education: Online courses and lecture recordings are at the heart of the concept where qualified scientific staff and/or business professionals are responsible for aerospace-relevant content presented under a common label to a worldwide online audience.
  • Networks: The Global Aerospace Summit is an event series directed at researchers and other skilled professionals and hosted at alternating venues (2017: Bavaria, 2018: Québec, 2019: São Paulo); it is intended as the classroom attendance portion of the online study programme. 
  • Research: Online courses as well as a series of conferences form the means for global scientific exchange. They are intended to further research co-operation between a choice selection of international partners.

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