Munich Aerospace

Since 2010, Munich Aerospace has been bringing together major aerospace players through research collaborations, graduate programmes, and teaching. Members of the Bavarian research network benefit from remarkable access to research infrastructure and the comprehensive knowledge of the regional aerospace industry.


The Munich Aerospace team is responsible for coordinating research and development work of the partners as well as all operational tasks of the association’s work. Get to know us.


The Munich Aerospace research network connects four major aerospace players through research, graduate programmes, and teaching.

Managing bodies

Renowned personalities from science, industry and ministerial administration manage the association’s activities and provide strategic orientation. The four key managing bodies of Munich Aerospace comprise the Board of Directors, the Scientific Advisory Board, the Board of Trustees, and the Members’ Meeting.

Ludwig Bölkow Campus

The Ludwig Bölkow Campus is a joint platform of science and industry for cooperative research, teaching, and innovation. Since 2015, Munich Aerospace has been strengthening the relationship between science and industry, SMEs and start-ups and paving the way for regional, national, and international cooperation.

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