Research & cooperations

Munich Aerospace promotes collaboration between research and industry. We pool the knowledge and facilities of our members to create an unprecedented environment for research and innovation in the field of aerospace.

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Key topics

The Munich Aerospace research strategy defines eight key topics for the Aerospace Region Munich as orientation for research and cooperation. By pooling the core competencies of Bavaria, forward-looking projects are to be promoted and technology transfer accelerated

Research groups

By recognising research groups, Munich Aerospace promotes knowledge and information exchange. The aim is to support a coordinated cooperation and strong networking of the four members Technical University of Munich, University of the Bundeswehr Munich, German Aerospace Center and Bauhaus Luftfahrt.

Research and industry cooperations

Munich Aerospace offers companies the opportunity to take forward their own R&I topics. The funding of research groups and doctoral topics gives access to one of the world’s most innovative aerospace research landscapes.

Research network

Research network of the four members of Munich Aerospace at a glance.


Learn more about the research projects of the Munich Aerospace network scientists.

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