Graduate School

Since 2013, all doctoral candidates in Munich Aerospace’s research groups have benefited from a structured support programme. It enables participation in a wide range of training courses, an interdisciplinary exchange with scientists from the research groups and the opportunity to present the doctoral project to the public. The Graduate School for doctoral candidates of the Munich Aerospace research network comprises a basic and a supplementary programme.

Basic programme

The basic programme comprises the graduate programmes offered by the Technical University of Munich and the German Aerospace Center: the TUM Graduate School and the DLR_Graduate_Program. Munich Aerospace scholarship holders decide for themselves which of the two programmes they would like to complete. As a rule, however, the programme of the institution at which the doctoral candidates are primarily active is chosen.

Supplementary programme

The supplementary programme comprises annual retreat events in the form of a summer school and partner events that take place twice a year.

The retreat events are meetings lasting several days at which the research groups can get to know each other and exchange information about their projects. In addition to presentations by experts from Munich Aerospace’s research network, the doctoral candidates also present their own research work.

The Summer School takes place every four years as part of the Global Aerospace Summits and in this way benefits from impulses from international researchers and renowned companies in the aerospace industry.

The partner events take place at the locations of Munich Aerospace members and serve to connect the partner institutions.


Registration with the Munich Aerospace office is always required for participation in the supplementary programme. Doctoral candidates from other member chairs and institutes who can demonstrate a connection to a Key topic of Munich Aerospace can participate in these events upon request.

Completion of the Munich Aerospace Graduate School is confirmed when proof of successful participation in the TUM Graduate School or the DLR_Graduate_Programme has been provided and participants have attended at least two retreat events and at least one partner event per member. The doctoral degree is granted regardless of the above.

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