Munich Aerospace’s training and advanced education programmes bring together an international aerospace network from science, business, the public sector, and society. The range of courses and events includes

  • e-learning offers as part of the international e-learning program Global Aerospace Campus,
  • a teaching cooperation for master’s students at the Technical University of Munich and the University of the Bundeswehr Munich,
  • • selected specialist events in the Impulse lecture series.

Munich Aerospace also offers doctoral scholarships for talented young scientists and a graduate school for aerospace doctoral students.

E-Learning: „Space Exploration”

Online course as part of the Global Aerospace Campus

The course provides an overview of European activities in the field of astronautical and robotic exploration. In the context of ESA’s exploration strategy “Terrae Novae”, scientific goals for the exploration of the Moon and Mars, technological challenges and potential commercial opportunities in the field of exploration are discussed.

E-learning “Urban Air Mobility”

Online course as part of the Global Aerospace Campus

The course provides an introduction to the field of urban air mobility, explains the technical background, and gives an overview of all other necessities such as air traffic management, public acceptance and environmental sustainability.

E-learning: “Space Safety”

Online course as part of the Global Aerospace Campus

How can satellites be prevented from colliding with each other? How safe are astronauts on board the ISS and why does their research work in space also help people on Earth? The online course “Space Safety” answers these questions and shows what the use of space could look like in the future.

E-learning: “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space”

Online course as part of the Global Aerospace Campus

Digitalisation changes our society and the working world, creates new processes, and radically transforms existing workflows. The three-part e-learning program “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space” analyses changes that have taken place to date and provides an outlook on future transformations in the individual disciplines.

Impulse lecture series

The “Impulse” lecture series is part of the Global Aerospace Campus. The format combines lecture recordings by researchers and experts on current developments in the field of aerospace. All lectures were recorded live and in front of an audience.

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Teaching cooperation

The teaching cooperation is an offer for master students at the TU Munich and the University of the Bundeswehr Munich. It enables students to attend the teaching programme of the respective other university and to have the courses officially recognised as part of the master’s programme.

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