Scholarship programme

Since 2010, Munich Aerospace has been supporting young scientists and their research projects through doctoral scholarships.

In addition to promoting talent, the scholarship program makes an important contribution to scientific cooperation between the four member institutions and to professional exchange with industry partners through the formation of inter-institutional research groups in which the scholarship holders are located.

Intensification of industry cooperations

In order to intensify cooperation between science and industry, the Munich Aerospace sponsorship portfolio has been expanded: since 2020, companies have been able to contribute to an existing research group by sponsoring a doctoral scholarship or setting up their own research group, thereby actively participating in the exchange of knowledge between science and industry.

Cooperation between science and industry accelerates the transfer of research results into innovative products and services. This enables companies to deepen their specialist knowledge and expand their range of products and services.

Munich Aerospace is building new bridges between science and industry with the help of its scholarship program and its expertise in research cooperation at the highest scientific level.

Fostering talent

The promotion of young talent and the attractiveness of the location play a decisive role in meeting the growing demand for skilled workers in the aerospace industry.

By integrating the scholarship holders into companies and scientific organizations, the Munich Aerospace scholarship program creates optimal conditions for them to discover and develop talent at an early stage and ultimately convince them of their potential as an employer.

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