E-learning: “Space Safety”

Munich Aerospace’s e-learning program is part of the Global Aerospace Campus and provides continuing education for students and young professionals in the aerospace industry. International lecturers from teaching, industry and research highlight current and future-oriented aerospace topics in the courses.

How can satellites be prevented from colliding with each other? How can we handle increasing space debris? How safe are astronauts on board the ISS and why does their research work in space also help people on Earth? In the MOOC “Space Safety”, astronaut Dr. Thomas Reiter as well as experts from the European Space Agency (ESA) and other research institutions provide answers to these questions and show what the use of space could look like in the future.

Course overview:

  • Keynote Lecture – Dr. Thomas Reiter (ESA)
  • Space safety overview – Dr. Holger Krag (ESA)
  • Space weather – Dr. Juha-Pekka Luntama (ESA)
  • Space debris – Dr. Jan Siminski (ESA, Munich Aerospace Alumnus)
  • Collision avoidance – Dr. Holger Krag (ESA)
  • Planetary defense and asteroid impacts – Dr. Detlef Koschny (TUM/ESA)
  • German SSA centre/GSSAC – Johannes Gelhaus (DLR)
  • Cyber and public security – Prof. Udo Helmbrecht (UniBwM)
  • Space medicine – Prof. Alexander Choukér, Prof. Peter zu Eulenburg, Dr. Dominique Moser, Dr. Tobias Wöhrle (LMU)
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