2024 RLS-Sciences Digital Week

In 2024, the RLS-Sciences Digital Week will be held from 15-19 April, and will be held under the theme “Science Adoption in Innovation Ecosystems at the Regional Level” .

The Global Aerospace Campus session will be on 18 th April, 13:30-15:30.

The RLS-Sciences Digital Week, inaugurated in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, has now become a staple activity for the RLSSciences network to ensure continuity and accessibility for researchers from all seven regions and all five research groups.

The Digital Week will provide once again an opportunity for cross-project engagement, as the Digital Week sessions are open to all RLS-Sciences researchers. Key applications of “Science Adoption in Innovation Ecosystems at the Regional Level” will include inputs on how to transfer science not only to technology or economy but also society, how to ensure new scientific outcomes can benefit society, how to support their integration, as well as how to train different actors on the appropriate use of new innovations.

Please find the program and link to the RLS-Sciences Digital Week Global Aerospace Campus session: Download Programm

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