Forum Munich Aerospace – Autonomy and Sustainability in Space


Prof. Dr. Chiara Manfletti
Professor for Space Propulsion and Mobility (TUM),
CEO Neuraspace


To make the most of Space, autonomy is key as well as the ability to self-sustain. Harnessing solar energy and in-space resources holds the potential to establish a renewable and self-sustainable mobility infrastructure, offering substantial benefits for satellites. To solve these challenges, our initiative – Solar for Ice to Thrust – S4I2T aspires to develop an innovative solar electric water propulsion system that is cost-effective, inherently eco-friendly and outperforms conventional solutions. To further leverage launch mass savings and enabling satellite lifetime extensions, we want to use the simplicity of water as a propellant (extracted through ISRU) to introduce autonomous spacecraft docking and propellant re-filling with the goal to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability. The potential of AI in addressing sustainability, safety and security in space is also explored.

The event will be rounded up with an open exchange in the plenum – join us for Pretzels & Beer!



Location and date

  • 29.04.2024
  • TUM Campus Ottobrunn, Foyer (Lise-Meitner-Straße 9, 85521 Ottobrunn)

Event poster

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