5 questions to Dr. Gerd-Achim Gruppe, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Munich Aerospace e.V.

On the occasion of the ILA 2022 in Berlin, pioneers and political decision-makers in the aerospace industry provide personal insights and assessments of current industry trends. Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr Gerd-Achim Gruppe outlines the most important trends in five questions:

1. What are your personal expectations for #ILA22 – what are you most looking forward to?

It is very important to resume a personal dialogue after the Covid-related interruptions. The ILA comes at the right time and traditionally offers a perfect platform for business and networking.

2. What key trends do you currently see in the aerospace industry?

For some years now, there has been a strong and unmistakable trend towards the commercialization of space activities. We are in the midst of a very complex process of change in many markets. This ranges from the appearance of young highly innovative companies, to the market entry of financially strong entrepreneurs from foreign industries with new business models, to a strengthening of the downstream business and the repositioning of established companies. It is an exciting phase that requires a close interaction of all sectors – business, science and politics. The ILA could provide a very welcome opportunity for this dialogue, so that all actors can use their strengths. In addition, the last weeks and months have shown that space technologies play a role in the defense capability of countries that should not be underestimated.

3. Please elaborate on the best decision you made in your professional career? What advice would you give the younger generation about choosing a career in aerospace?

Giving career advice is no easy task. I always had the impression that those who had the courage and skills to run their own business, generally did very well. Personally, I would pay attention to that. Regardless, I would like to hear what the younger generation would advise the older one. That’s also another good reason to visit the ILA!

4. If you could meet one famous aerospace personality – from today or from the past: Who would it be and why?

Hugo Junkers, an outstanding scientist, a convincing entrepreneur and liberal spirit in difficult times.

5. For you personally, what is the most important value that the aerospace industry adds to our economy / our society?

The application of space technologies is becoming increasingly important, especially for civil applications, to achieve sustainability and to minimize resource consumption, e.g., in agriculture. Of course, it also drives industrial development, for example in the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0, thus forming the backbone of our society. Furthermore, aviation connects the world, drives business and friendships across countries and continents – which is all the more important in times like these! – We contribute to all of this with our product, which enables turbines to operate exclusively with green hydrogen – making carbon neutral aviation possible and helping create a world in which people understand each other!

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