Mobility of the future: Munich Aerospace launches a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Urban Air Mobility

How can we keep traffic infrastructure from collapsing? How can we better reach remote areas? Under the research movement “Urban Air Mobility”, experts around the world are working on a solution to better meet logistical challenges in a sustainable way and provide insights into their issues as part of Munich Aerospace’s new online course “Urban Air Mobility”.

Especially cities will suffer from negative consequences of obsolete traffic management: According to forecasts, approximately 60 percent of human being will have their main residence in cities by 2030. Shifting urban movement from the streets to the air will extend mobility into a third dimension and eases traffic congestion in densely populated regions.

The new MOOC “Urban Air Mobility” in English language is initiated in a cooperation with TUM Institute for Life Long Learning and offers a free opportunity to learn more about this recent and future-oriented topic. The interactive MOOC includes ten modules, numerous interesting lessons, short videos, knowledge tests and opportunities to network.

Information on technical, societal and legal challenges of Urban Air Mobility is given by experts from Technical University of Munich, Georgia Institute of Technology, Concordia University, Universidade de São Paulo, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Airbus Urban Mobility GmbH, Bundeswehr University Munich, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, and German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Link to the online course “Urban Air Mobility”:

Course overview:

  • Dr. Kay Plötner (BHL) – Introduction: What is Urban Air Mobility?
  • Prof. Maximilian Moll (Bundeswehr University) – Aviation Management
  • Prof. Rolf Moeckel (TUM) – Urban Air Mobility and Urban Planning
  • Prof. Constantinos Antoniou (TUM) – Understanding the Acceptance of Urban Air Mobility
  • Dr. Bernd Korn (DLR) – Traffic Management for Urban Air Mobility
  • Dr. Markus May (Airbus Urban Mobility GmbH) – Vehicle Construction
  • Prof. Laurie Garrow (Georgia Institute of Technology) – Demand Modeling for Urban Air Mobility
  • Prof. Luis Rodrigues (Concordia University Montreal) – Air Mobility Trajectory Planning
  • Prof. Humberto FAJ Bettini (University of São Paulo) – Economics of Urban Air Mobility
  • Dr. Jan Dirks (Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehr) – Political Perspectives

Trailer on the MOOC “Urban Air Mobility”:

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