REQUEST FOR PARTICIPATION: Munich Aerospace in conducting a space-related community survey for EU-funded research

In the context of STARS*EU, Munich Aerospace is conducting a survey to assess the skills needs of the European space-related R&I community and how it matches with the curricula currently offered at European universities.

STARS*EU (Space Technology And Research Support * EU) is a project funded by the EU in order to support the European Commission in the assessment and evolution of EU policies for space research and innovation, focusing on the activities supporting the sector competitiveness on future space systems (link to STARS*EU Website).

An area of investigation of STARS*EU are the skills required by the European space-related R&I community (European space agencies, universities, research organisations) and European space-related industry. Two surveys are currently underway in the R&I community and industry to investigate how the required skills match with the educational activities at universities and the skills available on the job market in Europe in Europe.

This survey targets the European space-related R&I community (European Space Agencies, universities, research organisations) and complements the desktop research performed by the project. It aims at:

identifying current and future skills needs of the R&I community
assessing gaps and trends as perceived by the R&I community

Link to the survey: R&I Community Survey

Please be aware that persons who work on personnel topics, job requirements or recruitment in their organisations should fill out this survey.

Time to complete: 15-20 minutes

Closing date: 09th December 2022

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