A successful event: The first Munich New Space Summit 2023

The 1st Munich New Space Summit 2023 took place at Ludwig-Bölkow-Campus in Taufkirchen, Germany, from 15th to 17th of May 2023. First of all, Munich Aerospace sends a big thank you to all speakers, guests, co-hosts, and sponsors who made this summit such a great success.

During three days, the audience heard several keynotes, presentations, and round-table discussions on New Space definitions, strategies and programmes, innovative New Space business ideas and research projects, opportunities and challenges of space and downstream applications, as well as financial instruments, legal aspects and sutainability. The diverse group of participants from space agencies, start-ups, SMEs, space companies, investment firms, and government representatives prepared a breeding ground for fruitful discussions not only among the round-table participants but also between speakers and audience.

A few consistent opinions arouse. No matter if called “New Space” or “Next Space”, the unanimous opinion is that New Space must be demand-driven. A common European strategy is important but ultimately it is the end-user’s need that drives the directions of New Space. Europe is one of the leading global hot spots of New Space and the metropolitan area of Munich is at its heart. Europe has its own New Space ecosystem and culture. While the US have set the benchmark for New Space, Europe should not try to copy other space ecosystems but proceed on its own, very successful path. Of course, there is room for improvement. Although Europe is one of the world’s leading space talent factories, skills shortage also is a problem for the New Space industry. Financing European New Space ventures is a difficult process. However, most founders and investors consider the current times as excellent for innovative New Space business ideas and see a bright future. That is despite all crises in the world. More than once it was mentioned that cooperation among New Space players is key to establishing and maintaining a successful and globally competitive New Space landscape.

Nicola Winters (member of the ESA astronaut reserve) inspiring statement is a guideline for the future of New Space: “With the right team, the sky is no limit!”

A Bavarian State Reception at the ‘Residenz’ Munich and a sociable evening of networking during the Munich New Space Night rounded off the summit to a professionally and personally enriching event.

Munich Aerospace noted the comments, feedback, and needs of the New Space ecosystem. The summit showed that there is a need for exchange and networking. It has only been a week that the 1st Munich New Space Summit is over and Munich Aerospace is happy to announce that the planning for the 2nd Munich New Space Summit 2024 already has started! Please spread the word to your global colleagues, partners, or friends. The next summit targets to an even more globally international audience. Stay in touch for news and updates!

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